Monday, October 11, 2010



adam holding egypt and jenna's dog, arrow
jenna brought her chihuahua, arrow over to play with egypt. i'm pretty sure they're in love now. before we adopted her, she had puppies by a he probably reminds her of her babies' daddy.

arrow, seth's legs, and egypt

adam took this
work has been more of a drag recently, but i've been drawing a lot more on my days off which makes me feel real accomplished or something.

now that it's getting cold out, i'm in the mood to start baking again. i like to make real fancy shit. i used to know a girl named holly and i made a lavender poundcake and some cupcakes for her birthday party a few years ago:

cake at party

cupcake again
sometimes i see her on the street but she just kinda looks the other way so i've taken to doing the same. not really sure what happened there, and i probably don't even care. err...well, i guess i do a little because i'm sitting here writing about it now.

so, there's an antique shop that i believe is in raymond. maybe it's windham? i don't know, either way, it's on 302 right after a shopping plaza with a tony's foodland and a subway and some movie rental place and it looks like this:
it's really neat. there's lots of old cameras, records, weird old dresses and hats, and old keys there. it's nice because nothing is marked with a price and the lady basically just gives most of it away. it's the kind of place that's so unorganized and dusty that you have to spend two hours there before you get bored or start to sneeze uncontrollably. if any ladies out there wanna take a trip there with me sometime, i'd be thrilled and we could come back and i'd make you some of that tea that blooms in front of you. i'll pour yours if you'll pour mine.

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