Monday, May 23, 2011

i fall asleep most easily when other people are still awake. i'm more at ease to close my eyes with loud people in the next (or same) room than in a dark silence. if i'm sharing a bed with someone, i'm always the last to fall asleep, and it's excruciating. the late hour of a darkened night with the knowledge of so many people i know and have known sleeping soundly brings no solace or peace to my mind, it haunts me like a dream i can't find.

i really wish i could find sleep that doesn't make me feel like i'm just wasting time that could be better spent. speaking of time, it takes so much of it to make a friend. the people i feel closest to are people i've lost and then found again in one way or another. it's like, you burn a bridge and then somehow find a way back across it...maybe it's been rebuilt or like, or maybe there's just enough of it left that you might be able to make it without falling, but you know, maybe you end up taking the long way (through the valley or some shit). sometimes you remember why you burned that stupid thing down in the first place, but other times you're glad to be back and it feels more real than the first time you were there. or maybe i'm just a sucker.

we wave sometimes to pretend that nothing is changing

he's blowing kisses
she's making fists
he's sinking boats
it's sinking in
she knows that things are changing

Sunday, May 22, 2011

i never once heard you say "i need you", "i don't need you"

the part of this song that has always slayed me is the slight pause when he says "baby", and at one point he almost just says "babe..." but you can almost hear the implied "y" at the end. i mean, i guess i don't have to explain to anyone why a leonard cohen song is good, but whatever. he apparently wrote this about janis joplin...and how she gave him head.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

L.L. Bean Signature

adam, zach, and i went to L.L. Bean at 2am last night. The signature line is sooooo wearable right now. So, search your parents' basements for old camel packs, monogrammed bookbags, or last years' bean boots and trade them in for some fresh can always trade it back later! Or i guess you could just support L.L. Bean and give them cash. adam even made a purchase:

and i'm totally planning on going back to get this top:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Adam, Zach, and I went to old orchard beach last night. It was windy. One of the pizza places was already open for the season and there were a few couples on the beach...ya know..."makin' it". sexy. Why oh why isn't it warm out yet? Shouldn't monsoon season be over by now? Why all the cold rainy rainz? Those are rhetorical, but feel free to answer them if you have some insight.