Tuesday, April 5, 2011

some tips for dudes-inspired by imboycrazy.com

1. don't go up to a girl with tattoos and just say "what you got for ink?". if you're really going to be lame and use tattoos as a spring board into conversation-ask who did their tattoos. at least that question is answerable.

2. don't call a girl a bitch.

3. don't do things to embarrass her in public. this includes, but is not limited to....tripping, throwing things, putting salt in her lemonade when she's not looking, and basically anything that has ever been on jackass.

4. don't compliment her in a public place and then be distracted by a cuter girl walking by...and absolutely do not cat call at said latter girl. it makes you look like a redneck.

5. don't ever rev your vehicle's engine. there may or may not be a small demographic of women for whom this is a mating call... but i think they range in age from 42-45, have missing teeth, a pill addiction, multiple skin infections, and reside in south carolina.

6. if she's an artist, don't tell her you asked another female to teach you how to draw. it will make her feel like a failure.

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